10 Jan 2014 – 3am start!

So do we try to get some sleep before the matches? I’m not sure I’ll wake up if I try that. I might just watch a film instead. The first match is at 3 and it is the first semi final in Hobart. Stosur is usually preparing for losing in … Continue reading

12 Oct 2013 — Saturday’s Semis

The last time Tsonga beat Djokovic was in the 2011 Australian Open. Since then he hasn’t taken a set in their hard court matches. Djokovic didn’t look at his best against Monfils especially in the early games. Credit must be given to Monfils though for fighting for every point. Tsonga … Continue reading

Sunday 4th August 2013 – The Finals

In Washington it is the battle of the big servers. Both Del Potro and Isner can both both fire down the aces better than most but Del Potro is the one with a return game to go with the bombs. They have played just 3 times before but not since … Continue reading

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