Tennis picks Sunday night/Monday

I have been looking through the games for the next 12 to 36 hours and the main problem I am finding is that no more than a handful have over 2K liquidity. The reason is possibly down to the number of events that are on at the same time.


We have the Brisbane International , the Chennai Open,  ASB Classic and also the Hopman Cup so the money is being spread between all of them. This means that the money will go into the markets quite late.


Rather than guess which games will attract my minimum of 50K I will look at the overnight games before I go to bed tonight. (Just incase we have any night owls out there!). I will check the morning games when I get to work at 7am and the evening games when I get home at 3:30.


As we have seen with the Capitala matches the early games of the season don’t necessarily mirror last season’s form. If you are wanting to use the 15-40 strategy, look for women’s games with the fave no less than 1.40 and a minimum liquidity ( money matched on the Betfair Match Odds market) of 50K. Avoid the seeded players.


Check back later and hopefully I will have some specific matches listed with reommended trades.


Edit- I have checked again at 9:25pm and none of the matches are anywhere near the required liability. I’ll be back in the morning. 🙂



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