Tennis Trading practice tool – Feedback required.

This practice tool allows you to practice your tennis trading regardless of whether or not there are live games on!

The games are computer generated but use realistic price movements that match exactly how the Betfair markets react. These matches are available 24/7.

There are also plans to allow you to trade real games from the past!

A point is scored  every 5 seconds to allow you to trade more games so no 5 second delay in bet submission and you have to think fast.

We would like some feedback on whether this tool is useful to new traders. Also let us know of any changes or improvements which you feel would improve it. Please reply directly to me or use the feedback link at the top of the page.

This tool can be found at

Plese note you need the most up to date browser to use this. I use it with Chrome which works fine. Older versions of IE will not diisplay properly.

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