The French Open 2010

The French Open kicks of today. Loads of games to watch but if you are trading you’ll need to pick your games carefully.

The problem with the opening couple of days in a Grand Slam is that as there are so many games on at the same time the traders’ money is spread pretty thinly. If you look down the list of matches on Betfair’s tennis page you will see that the games with big money on them tend to be the short priced favourites. This is because people can use bigger stakes if laying at low prices.

Any match you decide to trade needs to be watched in the opening couple of games to see whether money is coming into the market following each point. If it isnt then you could be in trouble if you need to get out of a trade that goes against you. 

Also remember thatthe Mens matches are best of five sets and the Womens are still best of 3.

I’m sure there will be people in the chatroom during the games ( the link is on the right hand side of the blog/forum) Its open to everyone whether you’re a member or not and the traders are always happy to offer advice or answer questions. I should be in there most of the day.

Right,  I need to try to pick out a couple of games for the blog. Had a quick look ths morning while laying in bed. The thing that stood out to me was that Andy Murray is at 1.62 against yesterday’s tournament winner Gasquet. With Gasquet again on home soil that has to be way too low….

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