The new tennis season gets under way!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I took most of December off so am very relaxed and ready for 2014. I traveled up to Yorkshire for the first time in almost 2 years on Boxing Day. The rest of the time has been spent either playing with/training our new Border Collie or  making the back garden more dog friendly with a tonne of gravel. Everything has just about stopped aching! Don’t worry we still have 6 cats so I remain a “proper” tennis trader!

There have been more new TradeShark Tennis members than in any previous December. The members pages are now part of the blog but still only accessible if your username has been authorised. So if you don’t see the Tradeshark Members link in the top menu it’s because you either haven’t joined or else you haven’t contacted me with your username and the email address you used to purchase.


I will be posting the first blog trading picks of the new season this evening and also the Shark Tips and Wins-a-Set members will be receiving selections later today.If you want to get involved go to:



…or check out the Tradeshark Store


Good luck for the new season!





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