Thursday 28th February 2013

Matches have been a little thin on the ground so far today. This morning wasn’t too bad but once the WTA games finished its just been short priced favourites battering their opponents.

I have used the time to complete some updates to the blog and also to the affiliates sales sites as I received an email asking if my methods still work since I haven’t updated them since 2010. That person has obviously stumbled upon a sales site from an affiliate who hasn’t generated a sale in over 18 months. If they don’t bother to promote the Guide I don’t see the point of updating their sales site. Or at least I didn’t until i received that email!

Had I known that I would have plenty of time today I wouldn’t have rushed to cut my hair yesterday. I tried the clippers and they weren’t really cutting properly so had to clean the blades and applied some of the oil that’s provided. This of course takes a little time and meant that I was more rushed. Having completed the blade maintenance I plugged the clippers back in and tested if they were cutting better now. One stroke up the side of my head told me that , a- the blades were now cutting extremely well, and b- I hadn’t put one of the heads on the blades and I had just shaved a 2 inch strip up the side of my head.



At least I did it now as my daughter gets married in a month’s time and if I had done it just before the big day I would have been massacred. I look like a f***ing lobotomy patient.


Anyway I can’t really get motivated to post picks today. Mladenovic will probably trade higher and come through to win and the same with Niculescu although I think she will have to work a lot harder for the win against Babos. I might just watch Schiavone v Suarez Navarro and if I deceide to trade the later games i’ll put some thoughts on here. If not, cya tomorrow.

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