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Betdaq will be covering Challengers

Betdaq have confirmed that they will be covering some Challenger events once the main tours finish. Betdaq

There isn’t an events list yet as the decision of which ones to cover will be made nearer the time.

Whether Betfair will follow suit remains to be seen but at least the Daq have realised they have been missing a trick by not covering these in previous years.



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Wins a Set list results for Wimbledon 2013

This is something I use for my own trading and is sent out to Shark Tips subscribers daily.

For each match 1 stage of my selection process indicates a player who will win the match. I noticed that on its own this stage selected players who were likely to win at least a set.

Over the whole tournament there were 195 selections from 250 matches or 78% that did win a set.

That breaks down as follows:

1st round – ATP 53/64 or 83%      WTA 50/64 or 78%

2nd round – ATP 20/30 or 67%    WTA 20/30 or 67% *This round was unusually low but we had some odd results!

3rd round – ATP 13/16 or 81%    WTA 12/16 or 75%

4th round – ATP 7/8 or 88%        WTA 7/8 or 88%

Quarters – ATP 4/4 or 100%       WTA 4/4 or 100%

Semis    – ATP 2/2 or 100%        WTA 2/2 or 100%

Final       – ATP 1/1 or 100%        WTA 0/1 or 0%


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