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I’ve had a few emails asking what’s different this time around. Understandable! Regular readers will have read about or even tried the tips service that I set up last year. Part of the problem was the selection process and part of it was that I was looking for value at SP.

As a trader you pretty much accept that unless you find a false favourite there isn’t much value at SP. So often you convince yourself that the underdog has a great chance of winning. Of course sometimes you will be right and if your knowledge is up to the task then long term you will make profit. People who are interested in the phrase “long term profit” are the people who are doing their own research and selection. They only need to convince themselves that their methods work.

If people who subscribe to a tips service are honest then they will admit that they want profit pretty much every day.

The way I was selecting the matches previously was with a long term method that I was trying to adapt to provide short term results. That was never going to be easy! As I said at the time I don’t like to be beaten by anything and I was frustrated that with my knowledge of the game and its players I wasn’t getting it right. So I set about improving the process.

The result is a selection process that whilst it is long winded it is extremely sound and is logical to the point of being Vulcan! After the initial selection there are another 5 stages to filter out the more risky picks. The short list picks are then researched in detail.

A lot of people took up my original service and if you’re still looking for tips service there is no comparison to the current selection process. The tips don’t accept SP as the entry point but are used with Betfair’s “Keep bets” so they can be placed in the morning and left. If our entry price is reached In Play then your bet is taken. As an example Berdych’s SP was around 1.42 today but I gave an entry price of 1.70 which was matched in the first set.

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  1. Hello Tradeshark, to anyone who is reading this, the tips are actually great, if I had already made some serious money from betting I would subscribe 🙂 If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to ask for some advice. I currently have a back on Berdych to win the Madrid Masters, which I intend to trade for a profit. I am uncertain whether I should risk for a win against Murray tomorrow.

    Murray seems to have been struggling in almost all his matches on clay so far. He doesn’t seem to have found his place in the clay season yet (undoubtfuly he’s not a clay player but still), but from what I know of him, he can pull a straight win out of the hat against another top 10 and that wouldn’t be a surprise.

    Whithout being influenced by my bet, I favour Berdych, but he doesn’t strike me just that solid right now, with strange losses in Monte Carlo and Barcelona and the uneasy matches in the current tournament.

    Their H2H is 4-4. They haven’t played each other in a while, and Berdych hasn’t beat him for over a year. However, Berdych won all their matches on clay fairly easily, this makes me lean towards him.

    Your knowledge of the players and their game is far superior than mine, do you have any opinion?

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work 😉

    1. Hi Luis,

      I expect Berdych to at least win a set against Murray. Also only 1 of their 8 matches were won in straight sets. Any more than that I wouldn’t want to predict on this one.

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