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March was going along as an ok month but I couldn’t get into profit for more than a day. It was running 2 or 3 units down but then 2 horrendous days lost 12 units!

Anderson missed trade out by 2 ticks. Kirilenko didn’t compete against Bartoli. Li played the worst game I have ever seen her play against Shara. Almagro somehow managed to lose that match against Fish. Ferrer beat Del P and having beaten Fed Roddick lost against Monaco with a bagel in the second set.  I didn’t post the months figures as I was a little shell shocked!

I thought I would give an update of the first week of April ( before it all goes horribly wrong ).

7.86 units profit which is 34.9% ROI.

Average price is 1.94

Hit rate 70.6% from 17 matches.

So have I cracked it? Ha ha. I have had more bad luck than good up to this month and its nice that its gone my way for a change. The figures are exceptional and it will be interesting to see if I can get anywhere near that next week. I just couldn’t resist posting this after the poor end to March so forgive me feeling more than a little chuffed with myself.


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6 thoughts on “Tips service update”

  1. what is the result of march ? not only in words but in numbers as you promised to write each month summary.

    1. If they were 3 units down and then lost 12 on the last 2 days that make -3 -12 =15.
      The results are posted for subscribers.

  2. What joke you are march finish well down and you dont post a thing but you have bit of profit in april and post…just makes you look even worse…your service is big down from the start and you should be honest with future clients

    And as peter says why have you not published march publicly if you have april? how do you make it pay but i suppose thats why you need service because you cant

    1. Ah another keyboard warrior. How do you know the results are bad if I haven’t posted them? You can’t have it both ways. The results are always updated for subscribers. The trading world is full of negative people who seem to spend their time slagging off others.
      Nothing better to do? Family bored and irritated by you too?

      People do badly and gimps like you critcise. People do well and gimps like you criticise. At least you lot are consistent. I think we kow who the joke is. Get over yourself.

  3. Paul, maybe you dont understand the world of tips services, but there are always posted results.

    Month by month, not only profitable months, but lost ones also.

    You published so far only 1 of 3 months, the profitable one, when you promised in january to publish each month summary, not only hidden for subscribers.

    It is funny to see only 1 published month (Feb) and 2 lost months (hidden) here:

    1. As I am so clearly uneducated let me just check. You are accusing me of hiding results on a public, free-to-access forum? The same forum that the tips service is run from? How unreasonable and underhand of me.
      However what I choose to put on my blog is upto me and I certainly aren’t about to be dictated to by anyone about my own blog.
      A full downloadable copy of the results is available and updated spreadsheet in the subscribers area.

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