TradeShark Chatroom and TennisBot

Our chatroom has grown steadily and as it has become better known so its use by tennis traders has increased. As an indication of that, throughout last night we had around 30 people in there. Once we get to the tournaments that are on at more reasonable hours I’d hope to get many more.

The chatroom is part of the TradeShark Tennis service but it is available to everyone and is  totally free. All we ask is that if you use the chatroom you should respect the opinions of others and do not resort to schoolyard insults.

We have a good mix of full time and new traders so if you have trading questions feel free to ask. There is a lot of trading experience among our users for you to draw upon. If  you’re an experienced trader and like helping others and sharin tips and ideas we’d be glad to see you.

We now have TennisBot. Set up by one of our members, pdonald,  the Tennisbot predicts where  the prices will be  after the next game or set. This has been tested alongside BetAngel’s tennis trader and gives very similar results. The user requests the prices for their selected game and it is displayed in the room. This is available for use by all chatroom users and is free. ( Note – It is used in the chatroom and isn’t a download)

So if you haven’t tried out the room yet what are you waiting for?

Click HERE for the chatroom.

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4 thoughts on “TradeShark Chatroom and TennisBot”

  1. Good afternoon,

    I have been a regular of the blog recently reading your analysis of games. I tried the chatroom today. When I log in I can see the chatroom for a couple of second then it goes black with a small icon in the top right hand cover. I cannot seem to get into the chat. Do i need to do something else or maybe the problem is my PC.

    Thanks for any help.

    1. Hi, I’m not sure why this happens although using a different browser may help. It is an irc chatroom so regular users use an irc client. This would also solve your problem. Please email me if you’d like details.

  2. TradeShark, I think I’ve cracked it by going in via the Mibbit website. Please can you confirm I was in the right place. I made two post at 16.31 and 16.32 today. Thanks

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