TradeShark Members Q and A session this Sunday

Normally I have an open Q and A session in December but as there have been a LOT of new members in the last 6 weeks I thought I would keep it for members only.

People seem to be using email for their questions which is perfect as I can reply at times that suit me so the session is expected to be more like a “meet and greet”. If you’re a new member its a chance to try out the chatroom before the season kicks off on the 30th and get to know some of the other guys.

So if you have been a members for a while and especially if you’re a regular chat user I’d appreciate it if you can show up if only for a few minutes! Don’t feel you have to be there for the full 2 hours. We all have lots to do at this time of year

I will be in the members’ chatroom from 6pm until 8pm on Sunday evening. There is a link to the room on the new members page which is accessed via the blog. If your username has been given access you will see the “Tradeshark members” link in the top menu. If you don’t see the link please email me with your username and the email address you used when buying the Trading Guide.


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