TradeShark Subscription Services

There are 2 services that are additional to the TradeShark Tennis membership and the free trading tips on the blog.

For those who don’t know about the TradeShark Tennis membership this includes the Trading Guide that started in 2009 and has been constantly added to and updated since then. However the membership gives you so much more than that. I don’t sell you the Guide and then leave you to it. There is support for you for as long as you need it via email or the chatroom. (Disclaimer: Support may stop as and when I die ). There is also the support network of other members. Some of them have progressed to be full time traders and are happy to share their experience in the in-play members chatroom.

You get all that for ONE PAYMENT of £29!

If anyone’s interested please visit  


The Shark Tips bets service uses my unique 6 stage selection process. Up to 5 picks are provided by email every day but occasionally on finals  day there won’t be a suitable pick. I won’t tip for the sake of it. Each pick comes with a write up of the reasons for the pick very similar to the blog posts.

The selection process has been going since April and has given an ROI of 10.4% from 475 selections. A minor tweak of the process was actioned about a week ago which looks to be a positive move.

When the main tour comes to an end in the early part of November the tips will continue with the Challenger tour. For the main tour tips I use Betfair ONLY however as they don’t cover the Challenger matches I will be using Bet365.

If you’re interested and want further info and to see the results to date please visit


The Wins a Set List was something I originally used to produce for my own use. I found that one of the stages of my selection process for the Shark Tips gave players who would perform well and if they lost they would at least win a set. I also noticed that if the starting prices were quite even ( favourite above 1.70) then the listed player would start the match well. Obviously for trading this is fantastic and many subscribers have recognised that it is something you need on your desktop during the trading session. There is also the obvious method of backing the listed player if they lose the opening set. To play safe you can hedge when our player secures the break or at least remove any liability.

There is also a simple method of using the list that is given on the subscribers’ page on the blog. This works for certain price ranges which are also given.

If you’re interested and for a results spreadsheet please visit


Please note the Wins a Set list can be produced for Challenger matches but I haven’t found a bookie that offers either the “Player X wins a set” or the -1.5/+1.5 sets markets. I had intended to offer the list for the Challengers along with selections and odds where the better value was. If anyone knows a bookie that offers these markets I’d appreciate a heads-up.





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