TradeShark Tennis is 2 years old!

Two years! Who would have thought it would last so long.

All this started because of the frustrating time learning trading on my own. I put together the Trading Guide in time for Wimbledon 2009 and came up with the idea of posting match picks for members.  Within a few days people started to find the blog and I was getting over ten visitors a day. TEN!! Yes ok thats crap but I was new to this blogging lark and I was amazed anyone wanted to read my rubbish.

Two years on and I’m still amazed that anyone wants to read the rubbish I write but the stats tell me they do. Also  the many emails, comments on the blog and in the chatroom. Ofcourse its not all plain sailing. Anyone who has written a blog even for a short time and managed to get a few readers will know you can’t please everyone and to be honest you shouldn’t try. An online blog is open to everyone and the anonymity that the internet gives people tends to make a limited few individuals bypass the basic courtesy and respect that you would expect in face to face  contact. Only this afternoon some Polish guy came into the chatroom and PM’d me with something along the lines of, “…if your system works and makes you money  why would you sell it? Explain yourself. I wouldn’t sell something that made me money. Think about it pal”  . Hmm, yeah I’m fine thanks, nice to talk to you. This idiot seemed surprised that I wasn’t kissing his arse. Thankfully the overwhelming majority of people that contact me are genuine, decent , ordinary folk. If that wasn’t the case then the blog and service wouldn’t have been running so long.

I’ve seen a few blogs come and go over the 3 years since I found Betfair and many of those that disappeared were due to abuse from “anonymous” comments. There are lots of reasons for writing a blog and if you’re thinking about starting one don’t let me put you off. As long as you are yourself and don’t try to be something  you’re not you should be fine. Just make sure comments have to be moderated before being published.

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5 thoughts on “TradeShark Tennis is 2 years old!”

  1. Congrats mate, well done, you deserve all the successes.
    You’ve certainly helped me make sense and success of Tennis – onya!

  2. thanks for great job and all time lessons Paul ! thanks to your blog me and others changed our thinking about trading tennis.

    congrats !

  3. I am probably one of the blogs you are talking about. I was determined to be blogging long term but with so many distractions it has been difficult to keep it up. This why I admire your efforts over the last couple of years. I am a member and continue to read your daily posts even though I am not a Tennis trader. I know so many people who are actively involved in your service and they all say how helpful you are.

    I actually don’t think your Polish friend was trying to be rude. He was probably shocked into seeing how helpful your service is and wanted to find out the catch! Of course there is no catch and you are one of a very elite group of three trading services that genuinely want to help subscribers. (I won’t name the other two for fear of spamming).

    Well done mate.

    1. Thanks Andy,
      I think my Polish friend was actually “on a mission”. I didnt post all his comments 🙂
      However yes i agree there are a lot of cynics out there who think you must be trying to con people in some way. No one helps others out unless there’s something in it for them, right? 🙂

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