TradeSharkTennis – Lots of new members!

As we have had a flood of new members in 2010 I thought it was worth mentioning what the blog/forum is all about and why it was set up.


As I have said many times before trading is a lonely passtime and/or occupation. Sitting in a quiet room staring at a PC screen trying to predict which way the flashing numbers are going to go can drive you a little stir crazy. Add to that family and relatives who don’t really understand what it is you actually do and think that as you’re at home you have time to operate Dad’s free taxi at the drop of a hat and its surprising that we don’t get weekly news reports of traders going berserk with an uzi down at the local Tesco.


Forums can be a great resource for learning to trade and if filled by new and experienced traders who are willing to help each other they can be very enjoyable online communities.


So thats why the forum was initially set up. I’m not going to drag up what happened with and between other forums as its in the past and has been well documented on here. If you join the forum and read the simple rules you will hopefully get an idea of how I want the place to operate. That has worked well.


The thing to remember about a forum is that it can quickly fizzle out if there aren’t regular posts from a wide variety of people with differing views.  It is possible to have arguments and differences of opinion without it having to sink into schoolyard insults. I made my position clear on this from the start  so if anyone isn’t willing to abide by it then they don’t join.


One of the main things I wanted to happen on the forum was for new members/traders to be able to post their “simple” questions without fear of ridicule. Some of the hardest concepts of trading to learn are the basics especially if you are looking at trading for the first time. Any trader, I don’t care who they are or how long I have known them who makes fun of or talks down to a new trader’s questions has me to answer to.


Something else that is healthy on a forum is banter between members. I tend to be on the receiving end of most of it which I don’t have a problem with. But be warned I can give at least as good as I get 😉  . 


So, to the new recruits or people thinking about joining this is to let you know that we have a useful resource available to you. To get the best from  it you need to contribute as well as take the info.

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