Tuesday 16th July 2013

Soooo many matches! Just have to figure out who half these players are.


Zeballos beat Ramos in their last clay court match. That was in the tournament that Zeballos won beating Nadal in the final. Its pretty much been all downhill since then and Ramos goes into today’s match as a strong favourite.

1.37 is a little too low though and I will hope to get on him above 1.60 . Ideally Zeballos will get an early break. Ramos is playing some good tennis on the clay this season.


Bemelmans retired last week with a calf strain. I read somewhere this morning that he actually hyper extended his knee. If that is the case he may be a little short at 1.37 .


Montanes is underdog against Paire. Last week Paire got frustrated in his match with Hanescu and he completely lost his focus.

Montanes played an excellent match in the first round to beat Mathieu.

Both these players can play some superb clay court tennis but both can sulk away a match quicker than you can say, ” aww diddums”.

Just 1 previous match which went to Montanes in 3 sets but that was in 2011. I think this is Paire’s to win or lose but have to favour Montanes based on their respective last matches.


This is such a horrible match card that I aren’t going to go any further. The quality is appalling and I am tempted to take the day off. I will be reducing stakes if I stick around.

Good luck!

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