Tuesday’s matches

Monday saw some decent profits. I managed to take some excellent positions but most just didn’t go my way leaving me with mainly green screens but only 1 gave a big profit. Keep going for the good entry points and you will get the big moves sometimes and if the points/games don’t quite go your way you will  usually be able to get out with either a smaller green or a tiny red.

The 4am game had decent liquidity for that time of day so its well worth getting up for! Nice to have an early finish too although I am ready for some sleep nowand its only 8:30pm!


Tomic v Troicki:

Tomic lost to Cipolla last week and looked pretty poor. He seemed incapable of generating his own pace and as Cipolla was happy to play it like a clay court match Tomic ran out of ideas pretty quickly.

Troicki came up against an in form Baghdatis last week and couldn’t cope with him but I expect him to be able to dictate the way this game is played.

Tomic will get pace from Troicki which he may be able to feed off but the gulf in class here is immense.

Not many players seem able to play 2 decent consecutive sets these days  but I will be very surprised if Tomic is able to take a set.

Troicki should be able to take this in 2.


Update: Tomic won 7-6, 7-6.


Haase v Giraldo:

These 2 have never played before. Giraldo is more a clay court player and has lost 4 of his last 5 hard court matches.

Haase hasn’t had a bad season so far and has played some great tennis at times. He has won 7 of his last 8 matches when starting as favourite. He came close to beating Murray at the US Open when he won the first 2 sets.

Giraldo is more than capable of making a match of this and its a shame that Haase starts at just 1.48 although it seems a reasonable price taking everything into consideration.

Their stats on serve are quite similar but Haase is a much better on return of serve which I think will be the difference. Half stake on Haase from the start and I’ll look to add the rest around 1.75 or higher.

Update: Giraldo won 6-3, 7-6.



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