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Each blog post gets sent to twitter. I had an app on my phone to allow me to post and read messages but it decided a while ago that my password was incorrect. I tried to sort it but had no luck. As I’m not one to tweet about what I had for breakfast or what I was watching on Tv ( I’m 100% certain that there is NO demand for that information! ) I didnt bother about the phone app.

I recently downloaded a new twitter app and I have just been playing with it and found that people have replied to blog posts on there! I never even thought about poeple doing that. They must think I am very ignorant for not replying. Actually a few people seem to think I am ignorant and have a bad attitude but I’ll save that for another post 😉

So I’d like to apologise to everyone who replied via twitter and I promise I will check the replies in future.

Thanks for your continued support for the blog.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter – replies to posts”

    1. Haha everyone’s a comic 🙂
      Haven’t had any yet as I wanted to get the blog post done first. Thats how seriously i take my dedication to you guys 😉

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