Update on the punting tips service.

The service started this month and the results overall have been disappointing. I monitor results in 3 different uses of the tips:

1- Using tradeout pice AND stoploss (this is the one used for the service)

2-Using tradeout price only

3 – Straight bet


For the first few days the results were ok but option 3 was showing significanntly better results. I then made a bad decision and started leaving out the tradeout prices. I used stoploss in some of them. This was the worst possible combination. My picks were too borderline and having them as straight bets was over ambitious. The result of this was a lot of near misses and stress!  The results weren’t helped by it being the  start of the season with players taking time to get into their stride.

From the  18th I made changes to how the tips were given and also a very subtle change to the selection process.

The results since then have been: 

Trade out and stoploss + 0.4 units or 1.8% ROI

Tradeout only              + 4.55 units or 21% ROI

Straight bet                 – 0.28 units or – 1.3% ROI


To avoid the stoploss being triggered by a loss of the first set and a bad start in the second I have placed the stoploss higher. However due to the nature of tennis markets they are often still matched and then the target tradeout price is reached which would have given us a profit. As the stoploss needs to be so high the benefits of using it are minimal. It will be used very sparingly from now on.

The subscribers for January are as promised getting February for free and I’ll publish the results at the end of the month.



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