US Mens Claycourt Championship – Monday

19:30 – Mello v Cuevas

Rankings are 86 and 66. Head to heads are 4-1 to Mello.

Cuevas is in great form and beat Berrer and Roddick and took Simon to 3 sets in the last tournament. I don’t expect him to have a problem making the transition to clay as it is his favourite surface.

Mello is definately more at home on clay and he played exceptionally well in the last claycourt section of the tour although it should be noted that that was in his home country.

Taking stats for the last 6 months on clay Mello is slightly ahead, holding serve 76% of the time to Cuevas’ 70%. Mello also wins slightly more points against serve, creates more break points and converts more break points.

If it wasn’t for Cuevas’ form in the last tournament I would have Mello as a definate favourite but I see them more even now.

I will be laying Cuevas from the start and looking to get out after a break of serve. I think there’s a very good chance of 3 sets so if the first set is close and both have threatened the other’s serve I will be laying the set winner.

I expect Cuevas to go through.

Update: Well that would have worked perfectly if Mello had bothered to turn up. Obviously something better to do tomorrow.

Cuevas won 6-2, 6-0.

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5 thoughts on “US Mens Claycourt Championship – Monday”

  1. I’m confused ! If you favour Cuevas to win, shouldn’t you be looking to lay Mello from the outset ?

    1. Does the first set winnr always win the match? Due to the head to head i expect Mello to start quicker. But Cuevas is in decent form to overturn the head to head

    1. HI,
      Am surprised at your claim to be the best when you have just started and have no links….
      Nice idea though

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