Wednesday 27th February 2013

If yesterday’s match card was uninspiring ( although profitable) today’s is mind numbingly dull. I admit the games after midnight seem much better at first glance so I may be staying up as I aren’t required to play taxi for my wife in the morning.


Mladenovic was solid enough against Keothavong who maaged to break a couple of times but never managed to consolidate. Mladenovic’s price is too low though against Malek at 1.34 but anything over 1.60 is worth backing.


Seppi won’t have an easy match against Rosol so his SP of 1.44 seems optimistic. Seppi has a terrible record in Dubai but managed his first win yesterday. If Rosol is to win this he needs to serve well. He started poorly on serve and whilst things improved later in the match he was never at his best. Its worth laying Seppi below 1.30 . Only for a trade though as I expect him to get the win.


Niculescu was poor yesterday. She did manage to save 4 match points in the second set and took the third set easily but Medina Garrigues was carrying an injury towards the end of that second set. I had to turn the stream off at times as Niculescu’s wanky forehand slice was starting to annoy me ( obviously only when I had money on her. Its hilarious when opposing her). I’m not sure how Mrdeza will cope with it as I’m sure she has never faced anything liek it before but Niculescu’s starting price of 1.27 is asking to be laid.

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