We’re not just about tennis.

No tennis this evening so we traded the T20 cricket match between the West Indies and South Africa.

Went pretty well and we took positions at the right times. Got to be happy when any match goes the way you expect 🙂

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5 thoughts on “We’re not just about tennis.”

    1. We started off with that and could have taken a nice profit early on but we stayed in too long. There was a little scalping in the remainder of the first innings and then we backed the fielding side at 1.80 at the start of the second. Worked out ok 🙂

  1. Would have been nice to get involved with that one! Wouldn’t have the first idea how to trade it!

    1. Tonight’s was a lot harder! We did ok with everyone in profit ( of those that admitted trading it!) but more modest returns.

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