Western & Southern Financial Group Masters – Final

17:00 – Federer v Fish

Rankings are 2 and 36. Head to heads are 5-1 to Federer although Fish won their last match.

This should be an entertaining match to watch. Both hold serve 89% of the time with Fed’s first serve percentage being higher at 63% to Fish’s 56%.

Federer has more experience of finals but hasn’t performed that well in them over the last 12 months. Fish has won a couple of tournaments  in the American leg of the tour.

Fish has played a lot more tennis this week with two of Federer’s opponents retiring. He has been in 6 tie breaks this week and his style of play is a high energy one, chasing down balls that other players may give up on.

Fed usually times his form well for the US Open and nothing I have seen this week suggests that anything is different this year.

Fish may manage to take a set but I expect Federer to take the title.

Update: Federer won 6-7, 7-6, 6-4.

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2 thoughts on “Western & Southern Financial Group Masters – Final”

  1. Good predictions TS, you have said that fish will take a set and then federer take the title, very good one!
    In the first set i saw a federer colorless, but it has to be with what you say, that fed times his form for the US open…

    Good luck, Juan_bp

  2. I really thought Fish was going to win for a while. Can’t believe there was only one break, in the third set, but that’s all Fed needed. Great prediction as usual TS.

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