Wimbledon 2013 – Women’s Final

Lisicki v Bartoli

Bartoli has been here before. She reached the final in 2007 where she lost to Venus Williams. Since then her best performance was a quarter final 2 years ago. She lost to Lisicki in 3 sets.

Lisicki has an excellent Wimbledon record. Only in her first appearance did she fail to reach at least the quarter finals. That first trip to the tournament was ended by Bartoli in the first round.

Lisicki has really been tested so far and had to come back from being behind in the third sets against Serena and Radwanska. Her game can often fall apart when under pressure but she has held her nerve this last fortnight. Those matches will have prepared her for the fight today.

Bartoli has had a comparably easy route to the final.Sloane Stephens was probably her stiffest test but still wasn’t able to take a set. Flipkens in the semi final was a real disappointment and managed just 3 games.

This really should go to 3 sets. Lisicki is slightly ahead on the serve stats and Bartoli is slightly ahead on the return of serve stats over the last 2 weeks but considering the standard of players that they have each faced there are no surprises there.

I think Lisicki is able to deal mentally with the occasion. Bartoli is so highly strung with her bouncing at the back of the court. Her sometime manic practice swings at those annoying invisible children could get out of control and don’t be surprised to see her take out a couple of lines judges if the pressure gets too high.

Lisicki is too short at 1.50 and we should see higher in the opening set.

I expect Lisicki to be lifting the trophy later this afternoon.

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