Wimbledon Offer – 3 month’s Geeks Toy access FREE

I have teamed up once again for Wimbledon to give 3 month’s Geeks Toy use FREE when wimbspinpurchasing my Trading Guide and lifetime membership from the promotion link.

Membership gets you all the information you need to get started in tennis trading. There is also the support that can speed up your learning process and take your trading to the next level. That support isn’t just from me but we have a members chat room that is used by new and experienced traders. It really is a great friendly community where opinions, tips and advice are shared. Whether you are a new trader or trade full time you are treat as an equal and the purpose of the room is to help each other.

The Geeks Toy is one of the best Betfair trading tools out there and is the one I use every day. Lots of options let you set up your software just as you like it. if the list of options looks too complicated I have saved my settings so you can download them from within the Geeks Toy software.


Grab the offer at the promotion page while Wimbledon is on.

Please note this offer is only available if you purchase from the promotion page and is definitely NOT available if you purchase the Trading Guide from an affiliate’s page.

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