Wimbledon Offer. Message to new members.

The Wimbledon offer to get 3 months free access to the Geeks Toy has been very popular. Its been great to see so many taking advantage and joining our trading community.

The offer is still on until the end of Wednesday so there’s still time if you haven’t grabbed it yet.

Promotion page


Quite a few people aren’t reading the email that you get when you sign up. As well as giving you the info you need to get to the members’ page there is also a request for you to email me with your Betfair username so that the 3 months access to the Geeks Toy can be added to your account.

So if you have signed up and not sent me this info please do so. I don’t want people to miss out!


One other thing. The early days of a Grand Slam tournament are really hectic. Add to that all the admin involved in the promo and I don’t have a spare moment while the games are on. By all means email me with any questions but please bear in mind I may not reply until the evening when the matches have finished. If you need an instant or quick response please call into the chatroom where someone will try to help if I am unable to.

There’s still time to take us up on the offer. It really does have to finish on Wednesday so i can get some trading done!

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