Wins a Set List – update

***NOTE: The list is now a permanent addition to the tips service


This has proved very popular and understandably so.

For those who haven’t seen it it’s a bi product of my selection process and gives a player for each match that is expected to win at least a set. Don’t be thinking this is just a list of favourites because it isn’t.

This is an excellent trading tool. For example if the player listed loses the opening set you can lay the set winner with a high % chance of the lay being successful. Also useful if you have a bookie account that offers “player X wins a set” or +1.5 sets markets ( or +2.5 sets for grand slam ATP matches ).


There have been 240 matches so far in the French Open. The list has been correct in 189 of them.

ATP was correct 96/120 = 80%

WTA was correct 93/120 = 78%


The list is currently being offered with the Tips Service.

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