Wins a Set List – US Open 1st round

Lots of traders have caught on to how useful the List can be for making trading decisions. It is something to have on your desktop for quick reference which is especially useful when we have so many matches on at the same time in the first few days of a slam.

You get a pick for EVERY match.

There were 127 matches (or at least that’s how many on my spreadsheet!

Success rate was 99/127 or 78%

78 picks won the opening set

24 players above 1.80 won a set


20 picks came back to win a set having lost the opening set

A further 9 players lost the opening set and went a break ahead in the 2nd set.


46 listed favourites (under 1.80) won in straight sets

14 players over 1.80 won the match.


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