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The process of researching tennis matches is something that I quite enjoy but obviously it can be time consuming. I have put a lot of time and effort towards coming up with an automated way of applying some of the rules and filters that can be quite tedious. The automation isn’t quite there but the results so far have given us the Wins a Set list.

By applying several of my rules to each match the process gives me a player for each match who will perform well. By monitoring it for several months I noticed the high percentage of picks that won at least a set. Even those who don’t actually win a set usually perform well and the picks so often start the match well and trade lower.

So how do we use it? I suppose the obvious way is to back player x to win a set! This market on Betfair isn’t used very much except in big matches or Grand Slams. Bookies offer these markets but you have to select bets carefully to get decent prices.

Personally I use the List as a trading tool. If for example the player on the list loses the first set then I lay the set winner.

Another way I use it is because I know that players on the list will usually perform well I look to get a good price early on them. For example if the underdog in a relatively closely priced match ( say favourite at 1.60 for example ) is indicated to win a set I will look to get an early low lay on the favourite, perhaps if they break serve. As you use the list more and get more confident in it it becomes an essential part of your trading decisions.

If you use it to decide to lay the set winner trading out after a break or a break and hold will increase the success rate but that is more difficult to keep records on so I use the figures for a set actually being won.

The List perform consistently well. For example at Wimbledon over the whole tournament there were 195 selections from 250 matches or 78% that did win a set.

See a breakdown of each round HERE


***NOTE – There is a selection for EVERY match each day***

***On the subscribers page you will find a simple strategy to use the list.***

RESULTS SPREADSHEET – I am in the process of extracting the info from my selection process spreadsheet.

The list is included with the Shark Tips subscription but I have been asked to offer it on its own. It is emailed out each morning.


You will need to register on the blog as emails are sent each morning and I use the blog for my distribution list. There is a link at the top right of the blog if you aren’t already registered.

JUST £10 per month

NOTE the new season starts on 31st Dec 2018. These selections are also included with the Trading Advice email service.

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