WordPress 2.8.6 users – what’s happened to the line break??

Any wordpress users who have upgraded to 2.8.6?

How do you add a line break??? The editor takes them out when you publish a post.

This leaves all your text in one block which looks terrible. I am adding a “-” symbol to space out the text but i don’t like it.


Have googled the prob but none of the “solutions” work as none of them were written about the current version. Maybe I will roll back to the previous version of WP as that one was fine.

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5 thoughts on “WordPress 2.8.6 users – what’s happened to the line break??”

  1. If you use the “html” editing mode, you can manually add the tag, which will force a line break. Dont know if that answers your question?
    Best regards

    1. Thanks,

      Tried that yesterday but when i published the post it displayed the html code!
      I’ll have another play with it later.

  2. Thats wierd. If i use google chrome to post on the blog it takes out any line breaks.

    However if i use IE it works fine and registers a line break when the enter key is pressed.

  3. Tradeshark,

    I have see that sort of behaviour with other sites. The built-in editor is probably optimized for IE and so better recognizes or accepts certain characters (a line break is a character). You will probably find the same issue if you use Firefox too.

    1. Thanks Silk, I have posted today using IE and all seems well. Ofcourse there has to be something thats not right and my work pc had IE6. The adsense ads in the left sidebar have now decided not to show up in IE but look fine in Chrome. Nowwww, where did I put that hammer…….

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