WTA Finals, Singapore: Muguruza v Ostapenko

Muguruza 1.66, Ostapenko 2.46

Muguruza leads their previous matches 2-1. They last met in Wuhan, China a month ago and Ostapenko won in 3 sets on a hard court.  Muguruza’s wins were both on clay.

Muguruza played in Singapore in 2015. She won all her round robin matches and lost in the semi finals. Last year she won just 1 of her round robin matches. She retired from Beijing 3 weeks ago. That was her last match.

Ostapenko has won a title and had 2 more semi final finishes in her last 3 tournaments. Anything can happen here and as Muguruza has had some injury issues I am favouring Ostapenko to take at least a set.

Lay Muguruza if she breaks first. There is pressure on her this year and whilst this is Ostapenko’s first trip to the year end finals and she is bound to have some nerves she will probably think she has nothing to lose and can go for it.

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