WTA Rogers Cup: Tsurenko v Boulter

Due to start at 7 pm

Tsurenko 1.47, Boulter 3.05

This will be their first meeting.

Overall results are quite even this season. Boulter has a better win percentage at 63% compared to 60% for Tsurenko and her ROI is a lot higher. She played mainly ITF tournaments in the first half of the season.

Hard court results favour Tsurenko. She has won 63% of her hard court matches in 2018 compared to 50% for her opponent  She reached the quarter finals in 2015.


Lesia Tsurenko

Boulter came through the qualifying rounds of this tournament. She has already had her best season and has improved her ranking from 199 to 114.

Boulter should be competitive but I favour Tsurenko for the win. Wait for 1.80.

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