WTA Wimbledon, Second round: Bertens v Blinkova

Due to start at 3 pm

Bertens 1.46, Blinkova 3.15

This will be their first meeting.

Blinkova has better overall results in the last 12 months and also in 2018. Her grass results are also stronger. Her win in the last round over Yafan Wang was her first main draw win on grass.

Bertens beat Steflakova in straight sets in the last round. She has struggled on grass in the last couple of seasons although has had some tough opponents. She reached the third round in 2016.


Anna Blinkova

Some value on Blinkova today today and I think she will take at least a set.

Lay Bertens around 1.40 and remove liability at 1.80.  There is a very good chance of 3 sets

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