WTA Wimbledon, Second Round: Ostapenko v Flipkens

Due to start at 6:30 pm

Ostapenko 2.12, Flipkens 1.88 ( Ostapenko has drifted since this morning. The prices were the other way round when the market opened)

Flipkens has won all 3 of their previous matches. They last met  in Canada in August 2015 on a hard court. She won easily in 2 sets.  All their matches were in 2015. They have never played on grass.


Head to head information from Tennis Insight

Overall results are quite even in the last 12 months and also in 2018. Flipkens has stronger grass results this season. She has won 9 of 10 on grass in 2018. Ostapenko won 3 of her 4 grass matches.

Ostapenko reached the quarter finals last year. She also reached the quarter finals at Eastbourne last week where she lost out to Radwanska.



Flipkens reached the second round but has lifted her level so far this season. She reached the final on grass in Hertogenbosch last month and last week she won an ITF title in Southsea, England.

A close match is expected. The initial value on Flipkens has gone but we can get a better price in play. I think she takes at least a set. Lay Ostapenko if she breaks or if she wins the first set. Three sets seem likely.

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