Live Stream trades

Why am I looking to stream some trades?

There can be some benefit to members from me selecting some recorded trades if there is useful information in them and also teaching opportunities. There will always be a degree of “cherry picking” of these videos although I have always tried to include losing trades if there was something to be learned from them.

In streamed trades there is always the risk that the selected match will not give me an opportunity to pass on useful information or thoughts. However, there is a lot to gain for members from having the market open on their own screen and hearing my thoughts live.

I have experimented with settings on YouTube and the streams will have a delay of around 2 to 3 seconds.

Each stream will be recorded and you will find recordings of previous streams at the bottom of this page. I aim to do 1 stream every week.

The live streams are available to TradeShark members and also to subscribers to the Trading Tips service.

Recordings of live streams

Stream from 14th May 2024

Betfair Tennis Trading. I teach people Low risk Tennis Trading on Betfair. Learn how to make money on the Betfair exchange by trading the price moves during a tennis match. ...Trading is very different to straight betting. When trading, we aim to have a profit on both players so that we don't care who wins the match!

My methods have been developed over 15 years and are constantly being updated. My Tennis Trading Course is perfect for beginners but is also excellent for people with experience of trading other sports. I have a background in training so I am the perfect person to help you to make money on Betfair!


Tennis Trading Course
Daily Tennis Trading tips

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