Results for the Trading Advice Emails

I get asked for results for the Trading Advice emails. No one can trade every match every day. It’s impossible to results for the whole service ( even if I could produce them 100%) would not reflect the typical results. Let’s say the average user trades 5 matches a day. If someone picks 5 matches that I get right they will think I am some sort of genius. If they pick 3 winner and 2 losers then they will be fairly happy. If they were unlucky to pick 5 that I get wrong they will think I am some sort of con artist!

Results for the Trading Advice emails are hard to do, if not impossible. As I give advice on every main tour match every day I would need to include results for every match. That takes a crazy amount of time. I have just completed day 1 of Wimbledon and just the results took me 2 hours. Admittedly there were 64 matches that day but I don’t have 2 spare hours.

Obviously a lot of the days have fewer matches but an average Tuesday or Wednesday can easily have 30 to 40 matches. If I am to include results they have to be complete. If I include partial results I will be accused of cherry picking the good matches.

So I am intending on doing the whole Wimbledon tournament but won’t even attempt to work out ROI. What I am doing is indicating whether the advice given gave the user an opportunity to take profit.

Green – profit opportunity

Red – loss

Grey – no trade


I have put an archive of all the advice I sent out in 2018. I will update that with results for Wimbledon.

Here is the 1st day that I have completed. 64 matches and it gives you an idea of what I am trying to do!




2018 advice archive

Trading Advice

Saturday update

In case anyone missed the news yesterday I am increasing the price of the guide from January so if you are wanting to join the best tennis trading service on the net you have a month to get in at the current price!


EDIT: A small number of members have contacted me asking if they have to pay anything extra when the price goes up. If you have already bought the trading guide then you have lifetime membership for the one time payment. If you buy something from a shop and they put the price up the next week they don’t come after you for more money.


I have also re-opened the forum. The original plug-in was phased out a few years ago and I haven’t checked on it for quite a while. I initially installed a new forum plug-in and was looking for ways to transfer the database entries with all the old posts but discovered that the old version has been updated and still free. Music to the ears of any self respecting Yorkshire-man.

All the old posts are there although I am going to have a look around and prune out the crap posts and threads. There is a diary thread from me and there will also be betting tips when the new season starts.

Forums don’t seem to be as popular as they were a few days ago but with a bit of effort this one can buck that trend.

Trading Advice
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