TradeShark Diary – 5th December 2019

It looks like the copyright scammers have run out of automated emails.

I wasn’t aware of the scam until they targeted me but after a couple of their emails it was clearly a scam. They use emails from legitimate copyright claim companies but their copy/paste skills and attention to detail let them down.

I take a lot of care not to use copyright images as I have been a victim of people blatantly copying my work and selling it as their own.  Click here for an example from 2010.

If you get one of these emails be careful. Obviously if you HAVE used copyrighted images then get some advice. Look at the emails in detail and if you see some of the mistakes that I have highlighted  on the blog don’t reply to them.

Copyright is important but is also open to abuse.

Now, back to Christmas shopping…. 

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TradeShark Diary – 3rd December 2019

We’re into the second week of the off season. A lot of the tasks that I need to get done before January have been completed. I am half way though updating the players notes for the 100 top WTA and 100 top ATP players. That has to be my least favourite job as it seems to go on forever. After that I just have a few of the members video to add a new commentary to.

Over the last few weeks I have been getting more troll comments. I actually get very few. In my first couple of years trading I used to get a lot more. There was a lot of flak flying around aimed at anyone who sold an e-book or something similar. The opinion was that you were supposed to help people for free.  Back then I was still very new to trading. The only knowledge that I could pass on was from my own trial and error. I shared what I knew on the forums as I learned it.

Once there was enough info to put together in a Guide. That was when the comments started.  When you’re not used to the way that people behave online it can take a while to get your head round it. The Betfair “community” has a special breed of troll!

Back then I used to react to them. I had found something that I enjoyed and could be good at. I was also starting to get some attention. I thought that any negative comments would hurt my reputation before it got started.

After a while common sense kicked in. For me. Not the trolls. By the time I started trading full time I didn’t give a toss.

They hide behind fake email addresses so obviously have full confidence in what they’re saying. A few say they will ruin me. Hopefully that isn’t some sort of repressed homo fantasy. Most don’t get a response. Occasionally I send a reply and THEN block them. Drives them nuts!

It’s really a shame that their lives aren’t going well. I mean if they were happy would they seek out people on the internet to abuse……

They help to pass the time in the off season.

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