WTA Ricoh Open, Hertogenbosch: Sabalenka v Tomljanovic

Early bets were on Tomljanovic but value has shifted to Sabalenka Due to start at 1:30 pm Sabalenka 2.00, Tomljanovic 2.00 This will be their first meeting. Overall results in the last 12 months and also those in 2018 were pretty even. Sabalenka’s grass results are better. She has 5 … Continue reading

WTA French Open Final: Halep v Stephens

Stephens will make her work for it but I expect Halep to take her first Grand Slam title Due to start at 2 pm Halep 1.44, Stephens 3.25 Halep leads their previous matches 5-2. The most recent meeting was in August 2017 in Cincinnati. Halep won that semi final in … Continue reading

WTA French Open, Quarter Final: Halep v Kerber

Expect a long match but Halep progresses to the semis. Due to start at 1 pm Halep 1.46, Kerber 3.15 Halep leads their previous meetings 5-3. They last met at the Australian Open in January. Halep won 9-7 in the deciding set on a hard court. Kerber won their only … Continue reading

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