WTA Miami Open, Semi Final: Wozniacki v Pliskova (6pm)

Wozniacki leads their previous meetings 3-1. Their last match was last month in Doha on a hard court. PLiskova won that in straight sets. All their matches have been on hard courts. All Wozniacki’s wins were in 3 sets. Pliskova won the 1st set in 3 of the 4 matches. … Continue reading

WTA Qatar Open, Doha, Final: Wozniacki v Pliskova (15:00)

This tournament has been pretty much ruined by rain delays. Often players can’t maintain their concentration  when they don’t know  when they will be on court.  there are also player who just sulk because their routine has been messed up. Mensa doesn’t have a tennis section. Wozniacki has won all … Continue reading

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