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Stats, predictions and trading tips for every ATP and WTA match.

“Tennis Tips for every match, every day? Yes please!! Keep them coming.” – Makala Taylor

Improve your tennis trading results with trading tips from a Pro Tennis Trader

Would having someone research every main tour match for you make your trading session easier?

I DO JUST THAT!. I also give my own advice for the matches, my own prices and send it all to your email inbox every day.

Note: If there aren’t enough main tour matches then I also cover Challenger tournaments.

I also include a confidence rating on each match from 1 to 10.

“The Trading Tips Email has paid for itself many times over.  I don’t know how you do it. Worth every penny.” –  Joseph, Cardiff

It's not just about the stats!

Anyone can check the statistics of the players for any match but stats only paint part of the picture. I have many years of experience of the players and how they are most likely to react in play.

Each day I create a document while I am researching the matches. I use it as a memory prompt during the trading session. It includes head to heads, recent form and any relevant stats and facts that will be useful during the match.

Trading profits using the Course

Tennis trading doesn’t have to be complicated. After several years of trading the markets I have come up with my “bread and butter” trades.

I get asked so often, “when should I get out of a trade to limit my losses?”. In fact, that is the wrong way to think about it. The most effective way to limit your losses is to ensure you get a good value ENTRY price.

This is one of the main aims of the Trading Tips email. For example I might advise you to back a player when they get broken or to wait until the other player holds after a break of serve. I may advise to wait for the second set to lay the set winner.

When our player recovers and gets back level we can either green up or remove the liability on the other player leaving us a free bet.

If they do not make a come back then we take the loss but because we took a value entry the loss is reduced.

Occasionally the favourite will be value at the start ( not often).  Back at the start and remove liability after they break serve.

Sometimes I feel the underdog has a real chance to take the lead or even the match. Lay the favourite slightly below their start price and green up/remove liability when the underdog breaks or takes the first set.
So you see, the tactics are NOT complicated. You just need to know which entry to take on each match. That’s what you get from my trading emails!

“Having a pro’s opinion on a match really helps my trading decisions. The work that must go into the emails is crazy! My trading has improved a lot since signing up.” – Mel Chambers

So what's included?

I try to be as concise as I can be. There is actually a great deal of information.

I’m sure a lot of subscribers just read the last line of each match’s comments but everything is included for a reason. 
Taking everything into consideration will improve results.

Trading Tips

The screen shot shows a sample of one of the advice documents.  The headings are:

OC Predict – It is the prediction of a player’s chance of winning based on my unique settings in the Oncourt stats software

WaS – indicates the Wins a Set selection 

Rank – player’s overall ranking

S Rank – player’s ranking on the specific surface

Pin – price on Pinnacle at the time of download. This is just for reference

BF – Betfair price at the time I did the advice document

TS – What I would price the player at based on my pricing model

Comments – Stats, info and advice on trading the match

Confidence level – How confident I am that what I think will happen WILL happen

Winner – Even though it is trading advice, it can be useful to know who I expect to win the match

I will make every reasonable effort to get the tips email sent out before the first match of the tournament. If there are multiple tournaments on I would rather send all tournaments tips out at the same time but this isn’t always possible depending what time zone they are in. You will always get the tips and advice on a match at least 30 minutes before it starts.

I produce a tips email EVERY day but if circumstances don’t allow it I reserve the right not to provide one on any day.

Even during the Grand Slams I include every main draw match! Some days that is over 60 matches

Subscribers will receive an email with a download link each day. I also have a back up to the email. If you haven’t received the email for some reason, I provide a subscribers’ page which will have the download links.

Tradeshark live streamed tennis trades

Trading Tips subscribers get access to the TradeShark Live Streamed Trades. Watch me trade a match live. I provide full commentary and insight.


Providing results for the Trading Tips is a little tricky. The aim of the emails is to give a value entry point and then the subscriber manages the trade. I give advice on how to manage the trades but it means everyone’s results will be different.

Another problem is that I give advice each day for EVERY main tour match but no one can trade every match every day. So a subscriber’s results will depend on which matches they trade, If, for example, they choose 5 matches that I get right they think I am a genius. If the choose 2 that I get right and 3 I get wrong they think I am a joker.

A TradeShark Tennis member and Trading Tips email subscriber has gone through all the advice given in 2019 and has put together some results. Thanks to Filipe for the work he put into this. It was no small task!

The entry point given in the Trading Tips email is used. If we get a break of serve in our favour, the trade is hedged for profit.

If there is a break of serve against us, the trade is hedged as a loss.

ATP results 2019
WTA results 2019

As I said above no one can trade every match every day but this gives an idea of the strike rate of the service.

“I have paid for a lot of services but this Trading Tips Email is by far the best. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” – Andrew, Wigan

The Daily Trading Tips Emails are just £20 per month

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**Please note: Unsubscribing by clicking a link in an email does not cancel the Paypal subscription. It just stops the emails being sent to you. The Paypal subscription needs to be cancelled in your Paypal account, though I can do that for you if you wish.

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