What is low risk tennis trading?

Tennis is the best sport to trade on Betfair. It isn’t as difficult to learn as the pre race horse trading and you can manage your trade much easier than you can on football trades.

The Betfair price moves after every point and prices rarely move just in one direction.

Breaks of serve move the price the most. There are lots of patterns in tennis matches and these can help us to be on the right side of a price move.

Before placing a trade we must assess the potential RISK and the potential REWARD. If the risk is too high compared to the potential profit then it is not a good value entry.

Low risk tennis trading. Image shows a trader pointing at a price graph

There are many situations in tennis matches where the potential loss is fairly low and the potential profit is high. These are the trading opportunities that we are looking for.

With experience we can predict what a player’s price will be when they win the next game, break their opponent’s serve or if they win the current set. We can also predict the price if the player’s own serve gets broken or if they lose the current set.

By knowing where the price we will move we can make a judgement on whether or not we should enter the market. If we choose entry points where our potential win is greater than our potential loss then in the long term we will make a profit.

There are match situations when a player will be under pressure to maintain their lead or to holds their serve. For example if they are serving to win the set or the match. They are likely to get nervous and that can affect their performance in the important game.

There are also situations where the Betfair price will already have moved close to what the price will be when the set is won BEFORE the set is actually won. For example if a player is ahead by TWO breaks of serve. The Betfair market reacts as if the set is already won so will not move much lower even if the set IS won. Not only does the market think the set is over but the leading players can also start to think that they have already done enough to win and they relax a little. This gives their opponent a chance to recover and fight back. Even if they manage to get just ONE of the breaks back it can move the market enough to give us a very nice trade. If they fight back to win the SET we have a huge profit!

With the help of my Betfair trading course and also my one to one support you will be able to spot these opportunities quickly and place your trade.

Low risk trades do not guarantee a profit every time but in the long term the profits far outweigh the losses.

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