Wins a Set

I will list these daily. They will be emailed out to  Wins a Set subscribers.


How to use the list

People use the list in many ways:

I use this list mainly for in play trading. If the named player loses the first set I lay the set winner.

It can also be used to indicate a player who will perform well and they usually start quickly and trade lower. Try to get a good price on them early.

Lay the OTHER player in the set betting market. (Lay 2-0)

Some bookies offer markets for Player X wins a set but the price is often poor value (Betfair sometimes offers this market but no one uses it.)

With bookies back the player in the set handicap market. Back them in the +1.5 sets market.


***Note: To be clear the list is of a player who should win at least a set. ANY set. I am not saying they will win the first set.


An alternative way of using the list

One of the Wins a Set subscribers has come up with a very simple way of using the list. Mitja ( AKA Nordavind ) is currently testing and fine tuning the method but early results are very encouraging with profits ranging from 100% to 380% os stake (NOT roi)  daily using the full list.

The basics of the method are that you back the player on the list. If they win the opening set you green up. if they lose the opening set you back them again. If they get back to 1 set all you hedge. Obviously a straight sets loss means a loss for that match.

**Very important to limit losses** As we are trading we always use the favourite’s ladder. Therefore if we have an underdog at 3.00 we will lay the favourite at 1.50 rather than back at 3.00 . By doing this if our player is underdog and loses in 2 sets the losses are smaller.

Nord is checking the results daily and will fine tune its use. We will share the results soon.

***Update: A small sample so far but the above method seems to work a LOT better if only WTA matches are used.

***Further update: I have some results from Nordavind.

He looked at how the different price ranges performed with the above method. The % shown are a total for that price range. They are a % of stake used.

1.01 to 1.30 = -670%

1.31 to 1.69 = +634%

1.70 to 1.89 = -46%

1.90 to 2.10 = +487%

and for the underdogs where we lay the favourite:

1.70 to 1.89 (lay) = +415%

1.31 to 1.69 (lay) = -366%

1.01 to 1.30 (lay) = +26%

So if you’re using the simple method it is easy to see which price ranges of the players on the list  you should be using



**Please note that this page has had to be made available to anyone who is subscribed to my blog to avoid the service being affected by the new 2015 EU VAT laws. (Any paid for service that delivers the product via a webpage must charge VAT to EU customers)


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