Davis Cup Final: France v Belgium, Singles

Pouille 2.52, Goffin 1.64 Pouille has won all 3 of their previous meetings. The last time they played was indoors in Metz, France. That was in September last year and he won in straight sets.  Their other matches were on clay and hard courts in 2016 and went to 3 … Continue reading

Andria Challenger: Lestienne v Sijsling, 1pm

Lestienne 2.00, Sijsling 2.00 This will be their first meeting. Sijsling had a poor season. He has had some injury issues in 2017 and has just 3 wins from 15 matches. He has 2 wins last month with one of them being against Evan Furness from France who is ranked … Continue reading

ATP World Tour Finals, The Final: Dimitrov v Goffin, 6pm

Dimitrov 1.39, Goffin 3.50 Dimitrov leads their previous matches 5-1. They have already played in this tournament with Dimitrov winning 6-0, 6-2. They have met four times this season. Three were indoors. Dimitrov won two of them. Both players have won 71% of matches this year. Goffin’s ROI is a … Continue reading

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