ATP World Tour Finals, The Final: Dimitrov v Goffin, 6pm

Dimitrov 1.39, Goffin 3.50 Dimitrov leads their previous matches 5-1. They have already played in this tournament with Dimitrov winning 6-0, 6-2. They have met four times this season. Three were indoors. Dimitrov won two of them. Both players have won 71% of matches this year. Goffin’s ROI is a … Continue reading

ATP World Tour Finals: Thiem v Goffin, 2pm

Thiem 1.88, Goffin 2.12 Goffin leads their previous meetings 7-3. They last met in April 2017 in Monte Carlo. Goffin won in 3 sets. They have met twice this year and Goffin also won the other one at the Australian Open in 4 sets on a hard court. In the … Continue reading

ATP World Tour Finals: Zverev v Sock, 8pm

Zverev 1.59, Sock 2.68 Head to heads are  1-1. Their last meeting was last month in Stockholm. Sock won their semi final in 3 very tight sets. Zverev won earlier the same month on a hard court in Beijing. He won in 2 sets. Zverev has stronger results over all … Continue reading

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