TradeShark Diary, 2nd April 2020

I’m posting this a bit early and there may be additions later.

My wife works at the local hospital. She is not due back there until Monday but obviously keeps in touch with her friends from work. She works on the infectious diseases ward which is naturally all Coronavirus patients now.

They have run out of most of the correct PPE. The staff are having to buy visors, hair covers and masks from their own pockets. Yesterday “Infection Control” visited the ward and the staff were criticised for having the wrong PPE on!

Even worse is that when patients die they were having to double bag them as the virus stays on the body for 4 days. They have now run out of body bags! They had 6 deaths on the ward yesterday.

Don’t believe the crap they tell us on the news about the amount of PPE being sent out. It clearly is NOT enough.

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TradeShark Diary, 1st April 2020


It’s not easy to April Fool anyone if we’re in lockdown. I didn’t realise it was April 1st until I checked my phone this morning. Then there was the sudden realisation that it is my elderly Aunt’s birthday. Bollox. That was about 8:30. I got dressed and walked down to the local shop. Thankfully they still have a small stand with birthday cards and the assistant had some first class stamps. I wrote the card outside the shop and posted it. Hopefully she gets it tomorrow. I did call her but wasn’t impressed with myself at all.

I haven’t really achieved too much today. I made a few minor tweaks to the 2 websites. The twitter account is still suspended. I sent off another appeal. The main reason for doing that is that you get a response saying:

Thanks for your report. It looks like this is connected with your original case # 0148291820, so we’ve added it to that first report.

We’ll continue our review with this information.

If you have more details you think we should know, please respond to this email to send them our way. We appreciate your help!

That does suggest that they have not made the decision to permanently suspend but as it all seems to be automated I’m not convinced.

As I wrote yesterday I have created a back up Twitter account @tennis_shark . I tweeted a few people asking if they can retweet a message about this. One person has done so. Maybe the others thought it was an April Fool. You can never assume people will help you out.

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