Tradeshark’s Diary

Wed 23rd October

A couple of days ago I received another email from the copyright scammers.   For those who missed it on the forum I will give a quick recap.

This has been going on for about 6 months. I received an email from a company called Picrights who claimed that I had used some images that were owned by their client, AFP and they wanted $2212.

They gave screenshots of the photos on my site and catalogue numbers but no actual proof that they owned exclusive rights to the images or that if they did own them that they owned them at the time I used them. I am always pretty careful about what images I use on here. If you find a suitable photo and do a search for it on Google you will usually find many millions of matches. I would check the first few matches for any signs of owner ship ( an acknowledgement to the photographer for example) and avoided any that had a hint of copyright.  I have more recently found out that companies such as Picrights search for images that have been used on many site, register ownership of the image and then go after the sites that had already used it. …


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