Day 3

Fish v Tipsarevic

Looks perfect for the 15-40 method! Fish isn’t my favourite player. I find that players over a ranking of 25 aren’t too consistent ( if they were then they’d be higher ranked!) and Fish is ranked 25. Tipsarevic is no mug and can cause him problems today. Difficult to pick a winner which is why i recommend the 15-40.

Update: Fish won 3-1. First 2 sets were shared so there were plenty of opportunities to profit.

Sela v Shuettler

Sela has won their 2 previous meetings but the market has Shuettler as a strongish favourite at 1.52

Over 67k matched at 9:45 so liquidity is fine. Sela knows how to win this one. Use 15-40 on this one too. Alternatively, wait for the first break of serve before backing and green up at the end of the set

Update: Sela wins in straight sets. Both suggested strategies would have brought a nice profit 🙂