Most Effective Addition to my Trading Set Up

It isn’t anything obvious. I have 5 monitors, a PC, and a laptop. A comfortable yet supportive chair, kettle, coffee machine, well stocked biscuit tin are all in place. My desk is under a large window so I have plenty of natural light and fresh air. Fibre broadband means I have no problems with running multiple match streams. So what was missing?


Most Effective Addition to my Trading Set Up 1


One of my biggest problems was that I would sit as my desk in the morning and may not move from there other than to make a drink or get something to eat. This obviously wasn’t healthy. My concentration levels would drop steadily which made the last third of my trading session much less productive.

I had tried to fit in exercise during the trading session and treat myself to a new bike but the problem is that it was too easy to tell myself it wasn’t a good time to leave my desk and the exercise tailed off again.

The thing about having a high energy dog is that you CAN put a walk off but there will be consequences! When he was under a year old Charlie would fill his time chewing a hole in the laminate or my wife’s shoes. Dogs can get stressed when not given enough exercise and knowing that taking a break from the screens was for his benefit was just what I needed.

There’s only one thing better than a high energy dog for getting you away from your desk.



TWO high energy dogs!


Most Effective Addition to my Trading Set Up 2


They don’t half sulk if the walk’s delayed!

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