Results for the Trading Advice Emails

I get asked for results for the Trading Advice emails. No one can trade every match every day. It’s impossible to results for the whole service ( even if I could produce them 100%) would not reflect the typical results. Let’s say the average user trades 5 matches a day. If someone picks 5 matches that I get right they will think I am some sort of genius. If they pick 3 winner and 2 losers then they will be fairly happy. If they were unlucky to pick 5 that I get wrong they will think I am some sort of con artist!

Results for the Trading Advice emails are hard to do, if not impossible. As I give advice on every main tour match every day I would need to include results for every match. That takes a crazy amount of time. I have just completed day 1 of Wimbledon and just the results took me 2 hours. Admittedly there were 64 matches that day but I don’t have 2 spare hours.

Obviously a lot of the days have fewer matches but an average Tuesday or Wednesday can easily have 30 to 40 matches. If I am to include results they have to be complete. If I include partial results I will be accused of cherry picking the good matches.

So I am intending on doing the whole Wimbledon tournament but won’t even attempt to work out ROI. What I am doing is indicating whether the advice given gave the user an opportunity to take profit.

Green – profit opportunity

Red – loss

Grey – no trade


I have put an archive of all the advice I sent out in 2018. I will update that with results for Wimbledon.

Here is the 1st day that I have completed. 64 matches and it gives you an idea of what I am trying to do!




2018 advice archive

Trading Tips Emails

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