So is Tennis Profits Replacing TradeShark Tennis?

The new Tennis Profits service launched a little over a week ago. It has proved very popular and has prompted a lot of questions about whether it is intended to replace TradeShark Tennis or work along side it.

Think of Tennis Profits as being TradeShark 2. There are searchable tennis stats along with stats to help tennis traders make decisions during matches. There are strategies and trading information along with a chat room where I provide suggested trades for the day and trade some matches live with those in the chat. In the coming months we will be adding in play stats and using those to also help traders during matches. We aim to make it THE tennis trading site.

A lot of Tradeshark members have asked me how this affects the Tradeshark Trading Guide and the Trading Tips emails. The Trading Guide will eventually move over to Tennis Profits. However for those people who have already bought the Guide, nothing changes. They will still have access to the Guide they paid for and will still get the support from me.

Please note that the TradeShark Tennis Trading Guide is still available at

The Trading Tips service will remain exactly as it is now. Nothing changes. Tennis Profits subscribers will get selected match tips in the Suggested Trades section on the Home page. Trading Tips subscribers get trading advice on every main draw, main tour match.

If you have any questions about the new service and how any changes might affect you, please email me.

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