Tennis Profits – A New Tennis Trading Site

I mentioned in my last Diary post that I have been working on a new project this year.

Researching tennis matches takes up a great deal of my time. In fact I spend more time researching matches than I spend actually trading them. There are sites out there with match stats but none are specifically aimed at traders. They were always a compromise. Most tennis sites are geared up for punters and on who would win the match.

So when I was approached at the end of last year by a couple of guys with an ambitious plan to build a trading specific tennis community, I was interested, if more than a little sceptical. I already had the TradeShark trading community.

But then Steve and Matt explained the project in more detail, and also told me about their own credentials. I wasn’t about to take their word for it! I had heard of their websites (GoalProfits and GeeGeez) but had not heard of either of them personally. After 12 years in this business I knew enough people to allow me to find out about these two. They checked out. GoalProfits is a football trading community website with bespoke trading database; and GeeGeez is a horseracing betting community with bespoke racing database. And they’ve both been going for a decade and more.

Their plan was to build a tennis trading community with a bespoke tennis trading database. And THAT’S when I got interested. I shared with them my vision of where we needed to take the site, especially with in play trading statistics and tools.

Fast forward six months and we’re just about ready to go with what we believe is a world first: match by match tennis data specifically designed for traders. We’ve called it Tennis Profits and we’re launching it now, in time for Wimbledon.

Tennis Profits (TP) is a comprehensive hub for tennis traders. It features general trading knowhow, specific tennis trading strategies, community elements including chat room, access to me as the TP trading guru (their words, not mine!), and of course, full access to our unique trading stats database.

Now, this is a brand new service and it involves both humans and technology. As such, there is scope for things to potentially go a bit wonky from time to time as we welcome our Founder members. We have done all we can do from our side but there are bound to be a few teething challenges when a couple of hundred users start pressing buttons in different combinations.

We’re obviously committed to working through anything you discover in double quick time and, in recognition of your understanding and support, we are making a very special introductory Founder offer.

Join us today, in time for Wimbledon, and you’ll get full access to everything mentioned above for just £20 a month. That’s a heavily discounted ticket to TP which you’ll keep for as long as your membership remains active. We’ll never offer TP at this price again, it’s for Founder members only.

We’ll be closing the doors on this Founder member offer in just a few days. Our aim is to work with our new community, to provide the support you need, and to iron out any wrinkles. And, of course, to help you become (more) profitable with your tennis trading.

I’m really excited about finally sharing with you what I’ve been up to for the past six months, and I’d love for you to join us as a Founder as we begin the Tennis Profits journey.


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