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If  you’re reading this you have probably been here before or maybe follow me on Twitter or Facebook. There are lots of people in this business who claim to be able to help you learn trading. A lot of them are blatant bullshitters. Some couldn’t teach a baby to dribble and others probably don’t have that much more experience than you do!

I’ve never been a fan of BS. Most people prefer to be told straight. Maybe not at the time if you’re telling them something they really don’t want to hear but ask them an hour later and most will say they appreciate the honesty.

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When it comes to teaching someone Betfair trading you need to bear in mind that there is a good chance they haven’t any previous experiences to relate trading to. Obviously some come to tennis trading on the back of trading other sports so they know their way around Betfair and probably have experience of trading software. I find that people are usually quick to tell me about their Betfair experience. It’s human nature. Just like in a regular job it’s horrible being the newbie. You want to make a good impression. This means that straight away I can get an idea of the best way to get them started on tennis.

There are those who sign up and i never hear from them. I even get people who buy my Trading Guide and never open it for the first couple of years. I never really understand why someone would do that although I always think in that situation that if I charged more for it they would certainly open it straight away!

The people who get the most from my service are those who keep me up to date with how they are doing.

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My background included a lot of training, coaching and mentoring.  The old Betfair forum favourite of , “Those who can – do. Those who can’t – teach” just doesn’t apply here. I have always been very good at matching the training to the individual. There is usually more than one way to explain something. You just need to tune in to the person you are trying to help and present the information in a way that makes sense to them.

If someone keeps me up to date with how they are doing I can spot potential errors almost before they happen.  If stakes are being increased too early or they are trying to trade multiple matches at the same time they need to be told. If I feel someone has false confidence from some early success it is my job to keep their feet on the ground.

I will give you honest assessments of how you’re doing and after a few months if I don’t feel you have the aptitude for trading I will tell you.  It is not for everyone although I feel I can get most people at least to the stage where they can make a second income if they are prepared to put the work in.

As part of the membership you get lifetime support. Make use of it. You might surprise yourself.


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